HK residents with jab records from PH, Indonesia can return by Sept. 1

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Hong Kong residents who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in the Philippines and Indonesia may be able to return to the city as early as Wednesday, after the government updated its policies on inoculation records.

The government, in an advisory issued Monday evening, said Hong Kong residents who completed their vaccine doses in either country and who will present valid immunisation records can board a flight to Hong Kong from high-risk places starting Sept. 1.

For the Philippines, Hong Kong will accept the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) or more commonly known as the “yellow card.” For Indonesia, vaccination certificates issued by their government and a confirmation from their health ministry will be required.

Residents from those Southeast Asian nations may also choose among Hong Kong’s 36 designated quarantine hotels, unlike foreign domestic workers (FDWs) who are required to stay in one 409-room facility in Tsuen Wan.

Earlier, the Philippines and Indonesia struck bilateral agreements with Hong Kong to recognise inbound FDW’s local Covid-19 jab records for beefing up the supply of FDWs in the city.

But this caused clamour among stranded residents, skilled workers, and students who were excluded from Hong Kong’s stringent vaccination record policy.

Hong Kong also said jab documents issued in North Macedonia, San Marino, Turkey, Ukraine and Vatican City will be accepted starting Sept. 1.

The change came after the European Union recently recognised the validity of records issued in those places.

“The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will accept vaccination records recognised under the EU Digital COVID Certificate mechanism as recognised vaccination records required for the purpose of boarding flights for Hong Kong from high-risk Group A specified places,” the statement said.

The policy shift came as the Centre for Health Protection confirmed three new Covid-19 cases in the city—all imported—taking the city’s coronavirus caseload to 12,111.

Under local border control measures, the city will only recognise vaccination records issued in mainland China, Hong Kong, or any institution meeting the standards set by the World Health Organisation.