HK Secretary of Labor: PHL ranked first in the source of imported Covid-19 cases

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Hong Kong Secretary of Labor and Welfare Dr. Law Chi-kwong, said the Philippines ranked first in the source of imported Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong. Photo Source:

The blog of Hong Kong Secretary of Labor and Welfare Dr. Law Chi-kwong posted yesterday, Nov. 14, showed a total of 4,036 foreign domestic workers (FDWs) arrived in Hong Kong from Sept.  1 to Nov. 10.
On Sept. 1 to 15 alone, with a total number of 424 FDW arrivals, almost 5% of FDWs infected with Covid-19 came from the Philippines. For the other half of September, with the total number of 749 arrivals, 3.62% were infected with Covid-19.  Compared to the number of FDWs coming from Indonesia, in the first half of September, none of FDWs from Indonesia was infected, and only .04% in the second half of September.
It was noted at the Labor Secretary blog, at the end of September, 32.9% and 25.1% of the population in Indonesia and the Philippines received one dose of the vaccine.

In October, from a total of 772 FDW arrived in Hong Kong in the first half of the month and 1,079 in the second half respectively, infected FDWs from the Philippines went further down to 2.23% and 1.85%, while those coming from Indonesia are 1.93% and .74%.

Number of foreign domestic helpers

Confirmation rate after arrival 1

Arrival date

Total number of arrivals

Average daily

All domestic helpers

Filipino domestic helper

Indonesian domestic helper

September 1-15






September 16-30






October 1-15






October 16 to 31 2






November 1-10



(Not as accurate)

Source: HK Labor Secretary blog

Judging from the overall vaccination rate and the progress in October, the progress of vaccination in Indonesia is also better than that in the Philippines, the SLD said in his blog.

With additional assigned quarantine facilities and occupancy for FDWs, the number of foreign domestic workers arriving in Hong Kong relatively increases from an average of 28.3 percent in the first half of September to an average of 63.7 percent in the second of October. In the month of November, it has risen to 107 percent.
Secretary of Labor recognized that although the diagnosis rate of foreign domestic helpers has been on the decline after arriving in Hong Kong, still, as of the 14th before the end of October, the Philippines ranked first in the source of imported cases, and Indonesia ranked fourth.

The Labor Department will continue to observe the epidemic situation in the two places, the progress of the vaccination rate, and the change in the diagnosis rate after arriving in Hong Kong, so as to adjust the progress of importing foreign domestic helpers from the Philippines and Indonesia.