Inbound travelers to Hong Kong need only 2 PCR tests starting Nov 21

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Filipino domestic workers arrive at HK International airport, April 1.

The Hong Kong Government announced yesterday (Nov 17) that inbound travelers from overseas or Taiwan will only be required to undergo PCR tests twice: on the day of arrival at Hong Kong Airport, and on Day 2 after arrival.

The said policy will be effective starting November 21.

Likewise, the existing compulsory nucleic acid testing requirement on Day 4 and Day 6 after arrival in Hong Kong will be lifted.

To maintain a certain extent of medical surveillance, inbound travelers arriving in Hong Kong are still required to undergo RATs (rapid antigen tests) on a daily basis after arrival in Hong Kong until Day 7.

Following are the revised testing arrangements for inbound persons (aged three years old or above on the date of arrival in Hong Kong) arriving in Hong Kong from overseas places:

         Within 24 hours prior to boarding: RAT

  • Day 0 (i.e. day of arrival at Hong Kong): Nucleic acid test under “test-and-go” upon arrival at the airport
  • Day 2: Nucleic acid test at a community testing center/community testing station or an ac-hoc mobile specimen collection station, or arrange a self-paid test by professional swab sampling at a local medical testing institution recognized by the Government; and
  • Day 1 to Day 7: Daily RATs. Can only leave the place of stay upon obtaining a negative result.

“The Government will continue to tackle the epidemic development under the principles of science-based and targeted anti-epidemic measures, as well as the proper management of risks and citizen-focused facilitation.  The Government will also adjust anti-epidemic measures as appropriate based on analyses of scientific data,” a government spokesman said

“It is our aim to facilitate activities and people flow essential to socio-economic recovery, so as to safeguard the well-being of citizens and protect the public healthcare system while reducing the disruption to normal social activities, with a view to achieving the greatest effect with the lowest cost.  The Government adopts a prudent and stable approach in adjusting various anti-epidemic measures, in order to avoid a rebound of the epidemic situation and to backtrack along the path to normalcy as far as practicable” he adds.

Hong Kong Labor Dept