Latest Quarantine Policy Update to Be Announced on Monday

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OFWs arrive at HK International Airport on April 1

International travelers entering Hong Kong may see their mandatory quarantine time period cut short as the city officials plan to further discuss the matter on Monday, Aug. 8, according to reports from local media.

 The quarantine policy was set to be discussed on Friday morning. But it was canceled at the last minute and it was pushed back to Monday.

 The meeting was called off on Friday due to “technical issues,” as mentioned by the South China Morning Post.

 Right now, anyone coming to the city must test negative for Covid-19 within 48 hours of their departure. They are also required to spend seven days at a hotel for quarantine.

 But with the latest developments, travelers may see their hotel quarantine stay reduced to four days while the rest of the period is to be completed in their homes.

 Additionally, they are expected to avoid high-risk venues.

 Hong Kong is still following mainland China’s zero-tolerance approach. The local population has been enduring the city’s strict social distancing rules for the past three years, resulting in restrictions on travel movements while the economy continues to suffer.  

 In November 2022, the city will host Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. But players will be kept closed and the event will follow a closed-loop system similar to that of the Winter Olympics, which was held earlier this year. 

  Hong Kong has logged 4,428 new cases as of Aug. 6.