LCSD: Blossoming flowers around town in 25th celebration of Hong Kong SAR

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Snap it: People working nearby were attracted by the beauty of the flower field and captured the blossoms with their smartphones.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Region (HK-SAR), the Leisure & Cultural Services Department (LCSD) launched the Blossom Around Town (BAT) event from June to October.

In this project, landscaping will be rolled out in three phases for public appreciation at different selected parks and locations across Hong Kong.

Phase 1, which was implemented from June 1 to July 31, aims to beautify the environment and the enhancement of 21 roadside amenities areas. These include flowerbeds at a roundabout and central median, with colorful flowers to create a festive atmosphere.

Home Enlived by Flowers, located along the Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section), is a flower field with brilliant colors. In the center of the 420-sq m flower field, there is a numerical icon “25” as well as a miniature of the signature golden bauhinia to signify the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong SAR.

Phase 2, is the Jurassic Maze located at the Kowloon Park Piazza to be opened to the public during the period from 13 June to 22 July. With With the theme of dinosaurs, the garden aims to allow members of the public to enjoy the flower scene while augmenting their knowledge of biodiversity in the prehistoric world via the activities at challenge stations and online games. They will be inspired to understand the principle of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

The garden occupies an area of about 900㎡. Upon stepping into the maze, one will be greeted with lush foliage plants, watching the replicas of fossil specimens and dinosaur models in an interesting and rewarding quest for knowledge. In the center of the maze stands a flower box created in the shape of the number 25, in celebration of the 25ᵗʰ anniversary of HK SAR.

Phase 3 will commence from September 9 to October 16. The department will set up theme garden plots in Oriental and Western styles at designated parks in 18 districts for public appreciation and photo-taking. Details will be announced later.

The department’s Leisure Manager (Landscape, Ms. Vicky Wong, explained the positive messages behind the spectacular flower field consisting of around 16,000 potted plants.

She said, “We use flowers with different colors that blossomed in summer, symbolizing the vibrancy and diversity of Hong Kong.”

“The flowers we used also have different meanings, which means Hong Kong will have a better future,” Ms. Wong added.

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