More than 1000 COVID-19 cases today, bar-goers need RAT negative results before entry

The Center for Health Protection (CHP) reported 1,047 COVID-19 cases today, 15 June.

Locally acquired, CHP was investigating 971 cases who tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, while 76 additional imported cases were reported,

Of 971 local cases, 477 cases tested positive by nucleic acid tests and verified 494 cases tested positive by rapid antigen tests (RATs). For 76 imported cases, 52 cases tested positive by nucleic acid tests, and 24 cases tested positive by RATs.

Hong Kong has recorded a total of 766 319 and 455 489 cases that have tested positive by nucleic acid tests and RATs respectively for the SARS-CoV-2 virus so far.

Meanwhile, Secretary for Food and Health Professor Sophia Chan announced yesterday that patrons are required to present proof of a negative antigen test (RAT) results obtained within 24 hours before entering bars, clubs, or nightclubs starting tomorrow, June 16 to 29 June.

Under the Government suitably social distancing adjustment announcement yesterday (June 14), it was stated that “Bars/pubs may open from 5 am to 1.59 am of the subsequent day with a maximum number of four persons per table and the total number of patrons capped at 75 percent of their capacity. Live performance and dancing activities will remain prohibited therein. All patrons of bars/pubs must present proof of a negative RAT result obtained within 24 hours before entering the relevant premises, otherwise, they should be denied entry”.

Prof Chan said that with the recent emergence of COVID-19 infection clusters in bars and pubs the new requirement is aimed at protecting the entire community.

“We are trying to protect the people who are going in these places, for example, bars and pubs, that are really high risk because people are not wearing a mask probably for a period of time and people are socializing, etc. This is normal behavior, but we are in a situation of an epidemic and pandemic.

“So, therefore, I think some of these measures that we have announced just now, for example, the RAT- doing the RATs and having negative RAT results before going into bara is really to protect everybody, for all the bar-goers and also the entire community situation.”

Patrons must present a photo showing the RAT device with their name, testing date, and time written on it as proof.