One more Statutory Holiday starting 2022

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For the past years, all employees covered by the Employment Ordinance enjoyed only 12 days of statutory holidays in a year. In 2022, however, Statutory Holidays will be 13 as the Hong Kong government added one more Statutory Day as announced by the Labour Department on Jan. 1.

The newly added statutory holiday from this year onwards is the Birthday of the Buddha, which is celebrated every May 8.

During the birthday of Buddha, an employer should grant their employee or employees a statutory holiday. However, if May 8 falls on a Sunday, the employer should grant the holiday on the following day or on May 9.

Following the Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2021, the 12 statutory holidays will increase progressively starting 2022 until 2030.
The first newly added statutory holiday is the Birthday of the Buddha on May 8.

A spokesman for the Labour Department (LD) said, “All employees covered by the Employment Ordinance, irrespective of their hours of work and length of service, are entitled to statutory holidays. An employee is further eligible for holiday pay if he/she has been employed under a continuous contract (i.e. being employed continuously by the same employer for four weeks or more, with at least 18 hours worked in each week) for not less than three months before a statutory holiday.”
In total, Statutory holidays will be increased progressively to 17 days. This means, that other additional statutory holidays in sequence will be implemented on the first weekday after Christmas Day (from 2024), Easter Monday (from 2026), Good Friday (from 2028), and the day following Good Friday (from 2030).

Starting from 2024, statutory holidays will further be increased progressively to 17.

YEAR NEW Added Statutory Holiday Number of Statutory Holidays
2024 The First Weekday After Christmas Day


2026 Easter Monday


2028 Good Friday


2030 The Day After Good Friday