Operational safety of MTR is key: CE

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Chief Executive John Lee said it is of utmost importance to the Government that the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation has a good self-monitoring system to ensure its operational safety is maintained at a superior level.

Mr. Lee made the statement while responding to reporters’ questions ahead of today’s Executive Council meeting concerning the MTR door detachment incident on November 13.

He stressed that the MTR takes care of the majority of commuters every day and that is why he is very concerned about its operational safety.

“The Secretary for Transport & Logistics has made it very clear that safety is the number one priority and there will be a good monitoring system. What we want utmost is, first of all, the company itself to have a good self-monitoring system so that operational safety is maintained at a very high standard.

“The Government, of course, has the responsibility to monitor the performance and to look at the investigation report to ensure that anything that needs to be properly addressed will be handled appropriately.”

The Chief Executive also pointed out that there is a system in place that will deal with, not just operational safety, but also punishment in case the corporation fails to fulfill its obligation.

“We are also mounting a public consultation exercise in connection with how the MTR fares should be considered. So we can also deal with these issues collectively in the consultation exercise.”


from: HK ISD