Reminder: Cancellation of Issuing Isolation Orders starts on Jan.30: Government

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Hong Kong - March 21, 2020: Street view in Central district. People walking on the street and wearing mask to protect corona virus spread in air. Central area is main commercial district of Hong Kong

A reminder was made to the public by the Hong Kong government regarding the cancellation of issuing isolation orders starting from Jan. 30 and onwards. 

Last Jan. 27, the Government announced the continued gradual resumption to normalcy of society, the managemen, and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting Jan. 30, the compulsory isolation arrangement for infected persons will be canceled and the Health Officer will no longer issue isolation orders to individuals infected with the virus based on the Prevention and Control Disease Regulation (Cap. 599A).

Persons infected with COVID-19 are not required to report and provide personal information through the online platforms of the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH).

Still, individuals should take the advice on various health measures against the respiratory infection diseases.

They should observe their personal hygiene, reduce contact with household members when not wearing facemaks, open windows to ensure adequate ventilation of the unit, and clean and disinfect the household environment every day.

The CHP will continue to upload the latest updates onto the “COVID-19 Thematic Website.”

Every day, it will post the number of specimens that tested positive by nucleic acid tests as well as the number of death cases.

Individuals under isolation at designated premises including their places of residence or isolation facilities will no longer be required to continue their isolation.

Some infected with the virus may continue to stay at the community isolation facilities (CIFs) to minimize the risk of spreading Covid-19 in the household if their living environment is crowded or their household members fall into high-risk groups.

The CIFs will remain open for a short period of time so they could be used by Hong Kong residents.

On Jan. 27, health authorities reported 2,335 Covid new cases, including 45 imported cases.

22 patients with Covid-29 have died.