The HK Government strengthens anti-epidemic command structure, as 4886 COVID-19 cases reported today

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The Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, chaired the first meeting of the Command and Coordination Group newly established under the Anti-epidemic Steering Committee today (July 28).

The Government announced today (July 28) enhancements to the command structure to fight the epidemic.

On two consecutive days, the Chief Executive (CE) Mr. John Lee, chaired anti-epidemic meetings to enhance the structure of the anti-epidemic system. CE Mr. Lee convened the first meeting yesterday of the Anti-epidemic Steering Committee in the current-term Government yesterday (July 27). The meeting decided to systematically strengthen the command structure in fighting the epidemic, including:

  • establishing the Command and Coordination Group (CCG) overseen by the CE to cope with the evolving epidemic situation and effectively co-ordinate the anti-epidemic efforts cutting across different policy bureaux in order to ensure that different bureaux and government departments can respond swiftly;
  • setting up a CCG Office under the CCG, with the Secretary for Health as the Director of the Office, to study, recommend and take forward anti-epidemic proposals and measures; and
  • appointing task groups or solution teams under the CCG on specified issues or areas, each of which to be led by a Principal Official or Head of Department, to formulate specific measures and plans on different aspects, and liaise with different bureaux and departments to solve problems together.

Mr. Lee said, “The Government will continue to formulate targeted anti-epidemic strategies taking into account the epidemic developments and scientific analysis so as to achieve the greatest effects with the lowest costs, thereby protecting the lives and health of citizens while minimizing the impact on normal social activities.

“The enhanced anti-epidemic command structure will strengthen and expedite the decision-making process, enabling more effective commands to ensure the accurate implementation of anti-epidemic measures and enhance the coordination of anti-epidemic efforts across different bureaux and departments,” the HK CE added.

Meanwhile, 4,886 COVID-19 cases were recorded today.

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) announced today(July 28) that the CHP was investigating 4,638 additional locally acquired cases tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, (including 1,786 cases tested positive by nucleic acid tests and 2,852 cases tested positive by rapid antigen tests-RATs)verified in the past 24 hours. Added to infected with virus cases locally, 248 additional imported cases were reported, including 222 cases tested positive by nucleic acid tests (34 confirmed cases, 144 asymptomatic cases and 44 cases with pending case status) and 26 cases tested positive by RATs.