Three-day hotel quarantine starts on 12 August for inbound HK travelers

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Filipino domestic workers arrive at HK International airport, April 1.

Speaking at a Command and Coordination Group press conference this morning, Chief Executive John Lee Ka-Chiu announced today, August 8, that Hong Kong’s hotel quarantine for incoming travelers will be reduced from seven days to three days which will take effect on Friday, August 12.

CE John Lee explained that the three-day plus four-day arrangement will take the place of the seven-day quarantine hotel, and medical surveillance for four days can take place either at home or in hotels in general.  The travelers can go out, however, they cannot enter premises like gyms, game amusements, bath houses, entertainment areas, party rooms, beauty parlors, clubhouses, nightclubs, etc. They cannot enter premises where there is active checking of the vaccine passes. Newly arrivals also, cannot enter elderly homes and specified medical premises. They cannot participate in any activities where masks are to be taken off.

Arrivals also need to take daily rapid antigen testing (RAT) results. They can take public transportations to go to work, to enter shopping malls or public markets.

The Hong Kong Government will also continue to promote vigorously the vaccination program. The reduced number of quarantine days in hotels from seven to three doesn’t mean that the Hong Kong Government will give up controlling the epidemic, the CE of HK clarified.