NAIA cleaner fired after Japanese tourist claimed extortion

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Ninoy Aquino International Airport

MANILA International Airport Authority general manager Ed Monreal on Monday ordered the termination of a janitress who  was complained by a Japanese tourist for alleged extortion that took place at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport  Terminal 2.

Monreal ordered an investigation after Fusako Yoshida, a Japanese tourist, posted her complaint on the NAIA website on Oct. 22.

In her complaint, Yoshida said she was a victim of extortion by a janitress assigned at the NAIA Terminal 2.

Yoshida narrated her experienced through the NAIA website and to her office executives after she arrived on the night of Oct. 22, on board Philippine Airlines flight PR 425.

According to Yoshida, an executive of a medical equipment manufacturer, said she was in a rush to get to the nearest toilet, but  upon arriving at the comfort room, she saw a long queue.

The janitress, who Yoshida identified only as “Jennifer”, allegedly led her to a toilet for PWDs or person with a disability.

She said the janitress even wiped and cleaned with tissue the toilet bowl before she was allowed to use it.

Yoshida said she was about to get out of the toilet, but she could not open the door because Jennifer was allegedly blocking the door.

Yoshida added that she was only allowed to go out after she allegedly handed 1000 yen to Jennifer, which she inserted through the door opening.

The janitress admitted that she earned different foreign currencies during her five years of working at the NAIA Terminal 2.

Joan Orot, building attendant supervisor said that all building attendants or janitress are not allowed to ask for “tip” as they are implementing the  “No tipping policy” at the airport.

The janitress admitted that she received tips ranging from P20 to P50 from passengers who gave money to her voluntarily.

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