Observe your partners, Pinoys told

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PathFinders forum at the PCG

GET to know your partner and be observant!

This was the advice given by Officials of an NGO to Hong Kong-based Filipino workers before committing in a serious relationship.

In the workshop “Love and Relationships” held at the Philippine Consulate General on Feb. 5, PathFinders officials said Filipinos should be prudent before getting into a relationship.

“Get to know the other person very well. Don’t take everything they say as truth,” said Carmen Lam, Senior Community Development Manager at PathFinders.

The NGO also advised the workshop participants to practice safe sex not only to avoid unwanted pregnancy but also to protect themselves from sexually-transmitted diseases.

Should a domestic helper find herself pregnant, the NGO said they could seek help instead of resorting to illegal means to terminate the pregnancy.

For those needing help and assistance, PathFinders may be contacted through 5190-4886 and info@pathfinders.org.hk. Those who wish to volunteer, meanwhile, are advised to email their inquiries to volunteers@pathfinders.org.hk.