HK temperature to drop slightly tomorrow

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The weekend forecast



The temperature in Hong Kong will drop slightly this weekend to as low as 16 degrees Celsius tomorrow morning, the Hong Kong Observatory said.

The Observatory said northeast monsoon will bring cooler and very dry weather to Guangdong during the weekend with Hong Kong having cloudy weather tonight and tomorrow.

“Appreciably cooler with one or two light rain patches tonight and tomorrow morning. The minimum temperature will be about 16 degrees. Very dry tomorrow. Bright periods in the afternoon,” it said.

“The maximum temperature will be around 22 degrees. Fresh to strong northerly winds, occasionally gale offshore and on high ground. Winds will moderate later tomorrow,” it added.

The Observatory said temperatures over the region will rise gradually early next week with the monsoon moderating.

“A hot southerly airstream is expected to affect the coastal areas in the middle and latter parts of next week,” it said.

The Observatory said last month was unseasonably warm and sunny with little rain.

The total duration of bright sunshine of 196.2 hours was more than twice the normal of 90.8 hours and was the highest on record for March, the Observatory said.

The monthly mean temperature was 20.8 degrees, 1.7 degrees higher than the normal of 19.1 degrees and one of the fourth highest on record for March, it added.

The Observatory said the total rainfall in March was 22.7 millimetres, only about 28 percent of the normal of 82.2 millimetres.

The accumulated rainfall of 89.4 millimetres since the start of the year is about 45 percent below the normal accumulated rainfall of 161.3 millimetres, it added.

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