PCG asks HK Police to investigate Magnum

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The closed Magnum Store

THE Philippine Consulate General (PCG) has formally asked the Hong Kong Police to investigate a store in North Point after it folded up without delivering the cellular phones purchased by Filipino domestic workers.

Consul Paul Saret, PCG-Assistance to Nationals Section chief, said they sought the help of the police after several overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) went to the consulate to complain against Magnum Store, which is located in Maxi Mall in North Point.

“As far as we know, they ordered and bought cellphones there but these were either defective or were not delivered,” Saret said in an interview.

The store suddenly folded up in April, and has since changed its name, leaving OFWs wondering how they were going to get a refund or secure the cellphones they bought.

The store management has apologised to its customers and promised to call “one by one” those who want a refund or those still interested in getting their cellphones.

“We will try our very best to settle the problems as soon as posisble. Sorry and thank you for udnerstanding,” it said.

“We have already requested a police investigation but we have not yet received a reply,” said Saret.

“What prompted us to ask for an investigation was the large number of Filipinos who asked for help from the consulate. As far as we know, the store owner is not Filipino,” he added.

Saret reminded OFWs in Hong Kong to be wary of store promos with offers that are “too good to be true.”

“I said this last Sunday, if something is too good to be true, it’s basically false. If they’re offering something that’s very cheap, my advice is to avoid that situation,” he said.

“We should be alerted that promises like these can lead to problems. We know that anything of good value or service has a cost that we have to pay,” he added.

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