Pinay asks OFWs’ help vs. HK pickpocket

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A screenshot of the CCTV video showing the incident

A Filipino domestic worker asked for help from her compatriots after a pickpocket, believed to be another Filipina, stole more than $4,000 from her in Central on Sunday (November 4).

Mary Jane Olivar, of Happy Valley, said the woman took her wallet while she was walking along Li Yuen Street East Street, one of “alley-alleys” popular with Filipinos, in Central.

The incident was caught on CCTV and a copy of the CCTV video had gone viral online.

“Please help me. She took almost my entire monthly salary,” Olivar said.

“Those who see or know this woman can help and call (the police),” she added.

Olivar said the incident happened at around 7:42 p.m. after she and three of her cousins brought some groceries.

While the victim was going to the bus stop, the suspect, who was wearing a pink top and black pants, walked behind Olivar and casually took her wallet from her bag.

Olivar said she discovered the theft five minutes later and she reported the incident to the Central police district station in Sheung Wan. Her wallet was later recovered but her money and Octopus card were gone.

“Please be careful of this woman. Let’s share this to our compatriots in Hong Kong so that everyone would be aware,” Olivar said.

A copy of the CCTV video can be seen on this post  ( The number of the Central police station in Sheung Wan is 3661-1600.

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