Pinoy avoids jail after beating woman

NO money, no honey.

The government dropped the case against a Filipino who was accused of beating up a woman in Yau Ma Tei last year.

The prosecution did not offer any evidence against Reynaldo D.RN. when he appeared at the District Court on April 22 on the charge of assault with intent to rob. The court therefore dismissed the case.

While the Chinese woman claimed that Reynaldo tried to rob her, the Filipino had a different tale.

He said he was walking in Yau Ma Tei on his way to meet one of his children when the Chinese woman invited him to have some “fun.”

But after they were finished, the woman allegedly asked him to pay but he told her that he did not have any money.

Reynaldo said the woman got angry and attacked him and so he also fought back and hit her on the face.

The Filipino said the woman cried for help and two men entered the room and they ganged up on him.

He said they only stopped after he got a severe beating all over his body. They then accused him of trying to rob the woman.

But when the trial was about to start, the prosecution could not contact the woman, who was reportedly in China.

It turned out that she was a mainlander and was not allowed to work in Hong Kong. Reynaldo was advised by friends to make sure he had money if ever he would decide to have “fun” again.