Woman shoots her 4 elderly relatives in Quarry Bay park

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Chief Insp. Hui Hong-kit(Screenshot of HK Police video of the media briefing)

Members of the Hong Kong police’s anti-terrorism unit arrested a 44-year-old woman who shot four of her elderly relatives in Quarry Bay Park this afternoon due to a squabble over inheritance.

Chief Insp. Hui Hong-kit, of the Regional Crime Unit-HK Island, said the police believe that “family conflict” led the suspect, who reportedly worked as a bodyguard in mainland China, to shoot her two aunts and two uncles—aged 50 to 72—at the park.

“We are now investigating how the assailant obtained the firearm to commit the crime,” Hui said in a media briefing.

Local media identified the suspect as Ada Tsim Sum-kit, adding that one of the two victims shot in the head had died. The other one remains in critical condition.

Hui said the shooting incident happened at around 3 p.m. at the park, which is popular with joggers, behind the Cityplaza mall in Tai Koo.

“Upon receiving a report, the police deployed different units to conduct a sweep of the vicinity. Subsequently, the Counter Terrorism Response Unit arrested a 44-year-old lady and recovered a firearm from her possession,” Hui said.

He said the victims were shot in the head and the arms.

The victims and the assailant reportedly met at the park to try to settle a feud over the inheritance from her grandmother.

When the meeting ended without an agreement, the suspect allegedly shot her aunts and uncles at close range using a semi-automatic handgun.

Hui said the initial police investigation showed that the assailant carried out the attack on her own and did not have accomplices.

“We believe the motive of the attack was family conflict,” he added.

He said the case was being investigated by Team 2 of the Regional Crime Unit-HK Island Headquarters.


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