OWTEL App for faster and easier installment applications

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ONCE more with feelings, we introduce to you Owtel Installment App. The faster and easier way to file your installment application and update your transaction record. Its first name? Convenience Last name? Trustworthy
And our guarantee? Faster and easier installment applications.

This 2019 do away with queuing and spending precious time of your holiday to take care of your Owtel applications and bills. No more waking up early to queue, but more time for rest and relaxation with friends.
By a simple and easy step of installing Owtel App, experience these stress-free features:
• Updated payment schedule and outstanding balance

• Complete list of active applications, previous installments and application status
• Quick uploading and viewing of documents or requirements
• Hassle-free referral process and get $50 coupons immediately for every successful referral
• Comprehensive list of latest promotions and coupon discounts
• Friendly assistance from Owtel salespeople for the fast approval of application and within the day pick up of products.

The best thing about the app is you can do all these and more whenever and wherever you are. Just go to Google Play Store or App Store for the free app and enjoy all these features right away.