Authorities to patrol FDW haunts during Chinese New Year holidays

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Foreign domestic workers in Central.

The Labour Department on Thursday appealed to foreign domestic workers in the city to avoid gatherings and stay home over the long Chinese New Year holiday weekend.

Authorities will conduct anti-epidemic operations in popular FDWs spots from Feb. 12 to 15,  the department announced in a statement on the government website.

The department also discouraged food sharing and other social activities—in line with social distancing measures in place.

“We remind [FDWs] to strictly observe the requirements and appeal to them to avoid gatherings (including in boarding facilities), food sharing and other social activities on their rest days and stay at home for rest as far as possible to safeguard their personal health,” the statement said.

Gatherings are still limited to two people under current social distancing rules, and masks are still required in public. Violators may be charged a fixed penalty of HK$5,000.

Employers were also reminded not to require FDWs to work during their rest days. Those who violate this may pay a fine of HK$50,000 if convicted.