No new Covid-19 cases found after Laguna City lockdown

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Staff members register residents in the "restricted area" in Laguna City to undergo testing. (Information Services Department/

No positive cases of Covid-19 were found in Hong Kong’s third overnight lockdown in two private residential buildings in Lam Tin, the government said on Monday.

Authorities ordered mandatory tests on all residents of Blocks 5 and 7 in Laguna City on Sunday, barring them from leaving until everyone in the said buildings has been tested.

All 460 residents who took the test were negative for Covid-19, but some 60 households did not respond when officials sought for its tenants to undergo testing.

The lockdown was lifted at 7:30 a.m Monday.

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Residents living in E units of Block 5 were evacuated last week amid fears of possible vertical transmission of Covid-19.

People who have visited the “restricted area” in Laguna City who have undergone testing from Jan. 29 to 31, 2021 no longer need to take the test again.

The government also condemned an attack on an officer by a person in the lockdown area last night.

“The Government appeals to persons subject to compulsory testing to co-operate and follow the compulsory testing notice and the ‘restriction-testing declaration’ accordingly,” the statement said.

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