Surprise lockdowns resume, no new Covid-19 cases netted

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One of the buildings in San Po Kong. (SCREENSHOT: Google Maps/

Areas in San Po Kong were cordoned off on Tuesday evening as the Hong Kong government resumed its Covid-19 testing lockdowns after the Lunar New Year break.

Around 520 residents of Cambridge Building on 6-24A Kam Wing St. and Tong Seng Mansion on 1-33 Kam Wing Street and 5-7 Yin Hing Street had undergone testing. None of them tested positive for the virus.

They were barred from leaving their homes since 8:30 p.m. until everyone in the specified area had been tested. At 7 a.m., the lockdown order was lifted.

Last night’s lockdown was the first in the Year of the Ox. There have been 26 lockdowns across Hong Kong since the first one on Jan. 23.