Costlier plane tickets expected by Sept. as fuel surcharge rises

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Manila, Philippines – Travelers should be prepared for an increase in the cost of plane tickets in September after the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) has raised fuel surcharge rates.

The CAB maintained the surcharge at Level 4 for the past three months, but with the rising prices of jet fuel, it has now decided to adjust it to Level 6.

Due to the higher jet fuel prices, which currently range from P36 to P39 per liter, the fuel surcharge for both domestic and international flights will be increased. Passengers can expect to pay a surcharge ranging from P185 to P665 for one-way domestic flights, and P610.37 to P4,538.40 for one-way international flights.

The P610.37 surcharge will cover international flights to destinations such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, or Brunei. For flights that are more than 14,000 kilometers away from the Philippines, the surcharge will be P4,538.40.

For domestic flights, the P185 surcharge will apply to distances less than two kilometers, such as Cebu to Tagbilaran. On the other hand, the P665 surcharge will be applicable for distances covering more than a thousand kilometers.

Airline representatives have stated that they will comply with the CAB’s advisory. Cebu Pacific President Xander Lao assured passengers that the airline remains committed to providing accessible and affordable air travel through seat sales. He encouraged travelers to book their flights in advance to take advantage of low fares.

Philippine Airlines spokesperson Cielo Villaluna expressed gratitude to customers for their support and stated that the airline will adhere to the CAB’s guidance.

AirAsia Communications and Public Affairs Head Steve Dailisan also encouraged travelers to make the most of ongoing promotions.

From June to August, the CAB maintained the fuel surcharge at Level 4, with rates ranging from P117 to P342 for domestic trips and P385.7 to P2,876.82 for international flights.

Travelers should expect higher plane ticket prices in September as the fuel surcharge rates have been raised to Level 6 by the CAB.

The increase is a result of higher jet fuel prices, and passengers are encouraged to book in advance to secure lower fares.