Things to Do During Chinese New Year 2023

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Red lanterns and gold coins as part of the Chinese New Year decorations in Hong Kong, with skyscrapers across the harbor.

Hong Kong will play hosts to an array of festivities from fascinating rabbit installations, harbour ride offers to celebratory events.

1.  Follow the Lucky Rabbits!

Boost your luck and fortune for the Year of the Rabbit!

Go to your favorite harbor side spots to check out interactive installations and festive decorations.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade:

TST will showcase 20 adorable rabbit mascots. As night falls, the viewing deck will come to life with light performances with celebratory music.

Rainbow Walk in Wan Chai:

Take a walk along the 200-meter stretch with vibrant lights everywhere, forming glowing floral and oriental patterns. You’ll also see cute rabbits along the way playing hide-and-seek.

New Year Blossoms at Tamar Park

Intricate floral installations will be spread out across the lawn. Try waving your hard to dim or light the flower buds to make them dance with the music.

Giant Rabbit at Central Pier:

For the first time, a rabbit installation will sit on the historic Central Pier sign. The rabbit will welcome visitors with well wishes to kick-off a prosperous new year.

2. “Ode to Good Old Hong Kong: A Prosperous Lunar New Year Fair by Central Market”

The Central Market has prepared “Ode to Good Old Hong Kong: a Prosperous Lunar New Year Fair by Central Market.” It will feature traditional Hong Kong-style festive flower boards and green street stalls.

Date: 7 Jan – 5 Feb 2023

Time: 10am to 10pm

Venue: Central Market

Admission: Free

3.  2023 Lunar New Year Lantern Displays

Lanterns will be showcased in various districts in the city.

Date: 31 Jan – 7 Feb 2023

Time: Lighting-up time: 6 – 11pm

Venues:  Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza Urban Lunar New Year Lantern Displays (Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage – Exhibition on Traditional Craftsmanship of Lantern Making The Luck-Bringing Rabbit – Lanterns to Celebrate the New Year)

North District Park

New Territories East Lunar New Year Lantern Displays

Tsuen Wan Park

New Territories West Lunar New Year Lantern Displays

Admission: Free

4.  ‘Fantastic 6@Victoria Harbourfront’ Pop-up Chinese New Year Installations

Local artists have created installations using New Year greetings as the themes. They’ve combined lighting, images, art and interactive games where they’ve created six unique Harbourfront Shared Spaces dedicated to Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Date: 13 Jan – early Feb 2023

Venues: The Belcher Bay Promenade in Kennedy Town; the HarbourChill in Wan Chai; the Water Sports and Recreation Precinct in Wan Chai; the Revitalised Typhoon Shelter Precinct in Causeway Bay; the East Coast Park Precinct in Fortress Hill; and the Tsuen Wan Promenade.

Admission: Free

5.  Lunar New Year Fairs

Head out to buy the right flowers for your home as it is customary for locals as they believe it ensures a prosperous start to the year.

Blooms represent wealth in the Chinese culture. Flowers and fruits symbolizes good fortune.

Date: 16 – 22 Jan 2023

Time: Various Times

Venues:  Victoria Park & Fa Hui Park

6.  Che Kung Festival Fair

Che Kung is a Sung Dynasty general who became immortal and was regarded as a Taoist deity after saving Sha Tin Valley inhabitants from a plague.

Believers flock to his temple

Date: 22 Jan – 5 Feb 2023

Time: 8:45am – 6:30pm

Venue: Lam Tsuen Wishing Square, Lam Tsuen, Tai Po

Admission: Free

7.  Hong Kong Well-wishing Festival 2023

This festival attracts hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors to Lam Tsuen to throw placards onto the wishing tree and lighting wishing lanterns.

Date: 22 Jan – 5 Feb 2023

Time: Time: 8:45am to 6:30pm

Venues: Lam Tsuen Wishing Square, Lam Tsuen, Tai Po

Admission: Free admission

8.  Chinese New Year Raceday

There will be a lion dance performance, spin the festive windmills and blossoming flowers at the Sha Tin Racecourse.

Date: 24 Jan 2023

Time: 10:30am onwards

Venue: Sha Tin Racecourse

Admission: Public enclosure: HK$10.


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