Cleaning house at the Consulate

SHE has only been here for about a month but Consul General Bernardita Catalla has already started cleaning house at the Philippine Consulate General. Catalla, who arrived on June 11, has implemented a new system for people who line up at the consulate for their overseas employment certificates (OECs), passports, contract renewals, and other consular services. She has also ordered the consulate to stop hiring locals or Filipinos who have relatives working in employment agencies. “My God, something has to be done here,” Catalla said in an interview, after observing the long lines at the consulate and the Bayanihan center. To better serve Filipinos, Catalla said those who visit the consulate for its services would now have to first get a “number card” from the guard at the main counter after they get off the lift on the 14th floor of United Center in Admiralty. The card will indicate which